Jati Institute was founded in 1994 in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and is today one of the most established private institutions of higher learning in the state, specializing in professional courses in accounting and business.

Jati Institute offers the highly acclaimed AIA accounting professional course, in collaboration with the Association of International Accountants, UK.

Jati Institute endeavours to contribute to the nation’s growth and development by being a forerunner in providing students an education which prepares them to excel in an ever-changing global marketplace.

In forging world-ready graduates who can succeed in a global setting, Jati Institute strives to:

  • Adopt a multidimensional, participatory approach to learning that develops students’ intuitive and practical skills, thus deepening understanding of the subject matter.
  • Cultivate a curious and outgoing mindset in students through exposure to different cultures and ways of thinking within an inclusive campus setting.
  • Offer students opportunities to further their studies overseas, and gain access to international job opportunities, through key educational partnership with overseas universities.
Greetings Everyone!

Since its founding in 1994, Jati Institute has produced successful graduates and continues its commitment to assisting students in their career development. Our knowledgeable teaching team plays the key role in this. Our focus on putting theory into practice makes students more competitive at work. In other words, our theory-practice integrated teaching-learning system transforms them into high-skilled professionals.

Our green and peaceful campus located in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan makes the institute greatly suited for a pleasant educational experience. Here, we welcome students from various backgrounds, local and international and offer good values for their money. With competitive study fees, comfortable accommodation on campus within the best possible budget, doing a foundation or diploma here is truly commendable and affordable.

Jati Institute offers a variety of programmes. These programmes cover the fields of Business and Management, Accounting and Finance, Graphic Design and English Language Enhancement. These programmes range from foundation to diploma levels. All these programmes are approved and accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. They are also recognised by the relevant professional bodies. Jati Institute designs and delivers its programmes so that they are industries relevance. This means that the programmes are not only academically benchmarked against international standards but also aligned with industry requirements. Some of the programmes are embedded with specific skills that lead to professional certification. The graduates are equipped with the skills needed for their career and lifelong learning. Internships and industry visits offer students the opportunity to use their knowledge and gain real experience. In many cases these lead to job opportunities upon completion of the programmes.

We provide a wide range of academic support services, ensuring a university experience that is both academically fulfilling and socially enriching. The mentoring system that has been a part of our programmes has helped many students to get an uplifting life here. We encourage students to participate in lots of co-curriculum activities by providing options to join various clubs and societies. Participation in these activities helps them to improve and enhance their soft skills.

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus and making you part of our community. We are ambitious and always ready to be with you on your journey towards being a global graduate.

Puan Suhami Binti Khamis
Institut Jati


To be a reputable educational institution producing quality graduates at a competitive level in line with the national education philosophy.


To produce competent, knowledgeable and high-skilled graduates who have the entrepreneurship awareness and the will to strive for excellence.
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