School of Accounting and Finance(SOAF)

Let's Go To Business!

Welcome to the School of Accounting and Finance (SOAF). As a Business and Accounting professional, there is no grander occasion than now to think artistically and to react tactically to gain and sustain competitive advantages. At Jati, our academic staff in SOAF strive to make a difference in every student through enhancing skills and broadening their prospects. The faculty is dedicated to providing the required knowledge to excel in the diverse and challenging business environments.

Our students acquire and develop critical and conceptual skills required to master in the globalised, vibrant and progressive competitive markets. Our lecturers invest in effective personal approaches to education. Our industrial tie-up and industry-based classroom learning, nurtures the talents and dreams of our students.

At Jati, we offer you diverse programmes in various areas from Certificate to Masters, catering for the needs of students and the employers. Apart from academics, your personal growth as a Business and Accounting Major is further developed through our student society that organises events and trips which gives you the exposure you need in this field. We hope you find what you are looking for and we look forward to having you be part of our academic family to explore and experience a great future, for we stand with you in accomplishing the dream of yours as ours, so let’s get to business!

School of Media Art and Design(SOMAD)

The World is Your Canvas!

Welcome to the School of Media Art and Design. As one of the leading Art Academy in Malaysia, SOMAD had been built with the right combination of staff from Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Animation, Fashion Textile & also from Product Design. An ideal art student is not found everywhere and one way to do this is to benchmark against the best artists or designers in the field. If you believe that good design is expensive, a bad design will cost you even more.

In SOMAD we would love to enhance student learning experience through blended learning. We believe that the best learning experiences are gained through hands-on, hence why, most of the subjects we offer are coursework based and outdoor excursions and art workshops are greatly explored within the academy’s programmes. Creativity is the future commodity for Malaysia and the world, therefore, we welcome you to join us at the School of Media Art and Design and be part of the creative global community and to make the world your canvas.

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