Count Me in, I’d Like to Help

Being a university student, you are bound to come across requests from the Student Affairs Department for a helping hand within a society or club you may be enrolled in. You may even be the one to organise a community service project and require gathering other students to join in as volunteers. Ever asked yourself what are the benefits of this act of kindness, other than of course it’s a kind act? We’ve often been told that what your right hand does, your left shouldn’t know, so it is too with our voluntary works, no one likes a brag but do we volunteer to brag and get recognition from others or do we do it for self-satisfaction? Well here are a few reasons you would want to raise your hand and step up when a slot to help comes your way.

Learn new skills and develop the ones you already have

In volunteer work, it often happens that you start by doing something you know you are very good at and eventually branch out. Say for instance you enjoy singing, and you sing for the children at a shelter or home with your Peer Support Group which organises visits to the local home for kids. As you go for the singing, you’d discover there are more skills within you or you’d pick up the skills of others as you work with them for the cause.

Gain valuable experience and boost your career options 

Volunteering cab give you valuable professional skills such as time management and strategic planning. According to studies, one of the benefits of volunteering is that exposes you to core workplace activities, such as communication, line management, teamwork and using your initiative. This is especially helpful when looking for a job.

Explore career paths

Volunteering is an excellent way to explore other fields you may be interested in. It provides you with valuable experiences that can make you more competitive in your new work field. Also, gives you good insight on what working in it will be like. Among the benefits of volunteering is that you can try a plethora of new things without it necessarily tainting your financial stability or academic performance.

Paints a picture of you.

Your volunteer work is a reflection of who you are as an individual. And helps your employer or academic institution know more about your interests, commitment and dedication.

So the next time you get the chance to volunteer, think not only of the people you help, but the skills you’ll learn and the opportunities you’ll build for yourself to do greater in the future. University is an excellent place to start this journey. 

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