The Benefits of Competitive Sports


Competitive sports such as soccer, track, basketball, badminton, tennis, swimming and many others can help youths learn important life lessons. Amongst those lessons are:

1) Strength
The word strength in this is quite a broad scope. Strength in the physical, mental and emotional states are often put to test in competitive sports and it aids in making an individual susceptible to the ups and downs of failure and wins. Competitive sports can help polish the rough edges on a person to deal with real-life issues with a rational conviction. It teaches coping-skills and determination, the ability to thinking critically and objectively.

2) Setting Goals

With the intention to win for personal achievement or for the team, competitive sports help individuals in goal settings. To set goals in training towards a competition and to set goals in making the win. When an individual is able to set goals, he or she learns to develop good time management skills, create strategies for improvement, build focus and concentration, are able to take calculated risks and to be responsible for their success or their team’s.

3) Teamwork

Working toward a common goal is an integral part of the sports experience. It is through this experience that some grow into leaders and others into strong supporters, both of which a team will need to be successful. Finding their role on a team is a similar experience to finding one’s niche in life, a definite life experience for participants.

4) Friendship

Participating in sports gives an individual the ability to develop tight and lasting friendships with others who have common interests. This is a valuable experience that usually leaves them with lasting life long memories. Regardless of being on the same team, competitive sports fosters respect and honour between player from different sides and this can assist in long term friendship even to a global stand.

At Linton University College (and its affiliates), students are encouraged to participate in sporting events. Intervarsity tournaments both competitive and friendly are organised for students to participate so as to open opportunities to a healthy exposure of campus lifestyle as well as to garner the above benefits in our graduates. Lessons learnt at school goes a long way in life, and sport play a positive role in character development, leadership skills and being a team player.

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